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Sissi the Empress was a captivating figure of her time, known for her beauty, elegance, and cultural influence in Europe. Three portraits of Sissi have recently been created in a new contemporary style for our boutique hotel, each one paying homage to a different original painting. These portraits, Sissi I, Sissi II, and Sissi III, offer unique perspectives on the life and legacy of this iconic figure.

Sissi I is a homage to a portrait painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter in 1865. This portrait captures Sissi in her prime, showcasing her stunning beauty and grace. The contemporary version of Sissi I pays homage to this original work, while also incorporating modern elements and techniques to create a fresh and updated take on this classic portrait. The result is a captivating representation of Sissi that perfectly captures her timeless allure.

Sissi II is a homage to a portrait painted by Georg Raab in 1867, created in honour of Elisabeth’s coronation as the Empress of Hungary. This portrait showcases Sissi in a different light, featuring her warm feelings and connection to Hungary and its culture. The contemporary version of Sissi II honors this original work, while also adding a modern twist to the composition and style. This portrait is a testament to Sissi’s versatility, showing her as a woman of many cultures and influences.

Finally, Sissi III is a mourning portrait painted by Philip Alexius de Laszlo in 1898. This portrait captures Sissi in a more contemplative mood, mourning the loss of her son and the end of an era. The contemporary version of Sissi III pays homage to this original work, while also updating the style and technique to create a fresh and modern representation of Sissi in mourning. This portrait serves as a reminder of Sissi’s strength and resilience, even in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, these three portraits of Sissi the Empress offer a unique and contemporary take on this iconic figure. Whether capturing her beauty, her cultural roots, or her resilience, these portraits showcase the many sides of Sissi and her lasting legacy. Displayed in a boutique hotel, these portraits are sure to captivate and inspire guests, reminding them of the timeless allure of Sissi the Empress.


- Sissi I -
mixed media on canvas
100 cm x 80 cm on a coloured gallery frame, 2022
by victoriav


- Sissi II -
mixed media on canvas
100 cm x 80 cm on a coloured gallery frame, 2022
by victoriav


- Sissi III -
mixed media on canvas
100 cm x 80 cm on a coloured gallery frame, 2022
by victoriav


Another Adele


"Another Adele" is a contemporary painting that pays homage to Gustav Klimt's iconic portrait of Adele Blochbauer. Like the original, "Another Adele" depicts a young woman in a luxurious and ornate setting, but with a modern twist. The painting features a mix of decorative techniques, including the use of golden leaf and textures, and a rich royal blue color palette.

Klimt's portrait of Adele Blochbauer is one of his most famous works, and is considered a masterpiece of the Art Nouveau movement. The painting features Adele in a golden and ornate setting, surrounded by intricate patterns and swirling designs. The portrait is known for its rich and decadent style, as well as its use of vibrant colors and opulent textures.

"Another Adele" takes the spirit of Klimt's portrait and updates it for a contemporary audience. The painting features the same lush and ornate setting, with intricate golden leaf and textures, but with a modern twist. The use of rich royal blue color gives the painting a sense of depth and sophistication, while the golden leaf and textures add a touch of glamour and luxury.

The decorative techniques used in "Another Adele" are a nod to the Art Nouveau movement and its focus on ornate and opulent design. However, the use of a contemporary style and modern materials, sets "Another Adele" apart from traditional Art Nouveau paintings. The result is a piece that is both nostalgic and modern, paying homage to the past while also pushing the boundaries of contemporary decorative art.

The subject of the painting, a young woman, is a nod to Klimt's original portrait of Adele Blochbauer. However, the use of a contemporary style and the deep blue color palette give "Another Adele" a unique and modern feel. The result is a painting that is both familiar and new, evoking the elegance and luxury of the past while also feeling fresh and contemporary, balancing tradition and innovation.


 - Another Adele -
acrylics and golden leaf on canvas
100 cm x 100 cm on a coloured gallery frame, 2022
by victoriav


Together (The Kiss)


Abstract fluid art is a unique and captivating form of painting that combines color, texture, and movement to create dynamic and intricate pieces. One such piece, named "Together," is inspired by Gustav Klimt's iconic painting "The Kiss." This abstract fluid art painting was created in a vibrant color palette of turquoise, royal blue, vibrant red, and golden hues, which perfectly complement the main colors of our boutique hotel.

"The Kiss" is one of Klimt's most famous works and is considered a masterpiece of the Art Nouveau movement. It features a couple locked in an intimate embrace, surrounded by a swirling golden background. This painting is known for its use of rich colors and intricate patterns, as well as its intimate and sensual subject matter.

"Together" takes the essence of "The Kiss" and reimagines it in the form of abstract fluid art. The painting features a mesmerizing interplay of colors and textures, with each hue blending seamlessly into the next. The turquoise, royal blue, and vibrant red hues blend together to create a sense of movement and energy, while the golden tones evoke the luxurious and intimate atmosphere of "The Kiss."

What sets "Together" apart from traditional abstract paintings is the fluidity and movement that are inherent in fluid art. The colors and textures flow and blend together in a way that creates a sense of motion and dynamism, making the painting seem almost alive. This fluidity is further accentuated by the use of vibrant hues, which add depth and richness to the composition.

The placement of "Together" in Sissi West hotel also contributes to its impact and significance. The hotel's main room colors of turquoise, royal blue, and vibrant red are perfectly reflected in the painting, creating a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic. Furthermore, the golden tones of the painting perfectly complement the luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere of the hotel.

In conclusion, "Together" is a beautiful and captivating abstract fluid art painting that pays homage to Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss." Its vibrant color palette, intricate patterns, and sense of movement make it a standout piece, perfectly suited to its display in Sissi West  boutique hotel. "Together" is a true testament to the power and beauty of abstract fluid art and its ability to evoke emotions and transport the viewer to another world

 - Together (The Kiss) -
acrylics on canvas,
210 cm x 70 cm, 2022
by victoriav




Our whimsical graphic art map of Vienna is a unique and imaginative piece that adds a touch of magic to the decor of Sissi West. This artwork, created both by hand and then digitalized, serves as a wallpaper in both Vienna rooms, supplementing the traditional styling with a modern and playful touch.

Vienna, the city of music, culture, and history, is a place of endless inspiration for artists. Our art map takes the traditional art of map-making and transforms it into something entirely new. The artist's use of playful lines and eccentric details creates a magical and fantastical representation of our city that is both beautiful and imaginative.

The use of hand-drawn elements, combined with digital manipulation, creates a piece that is both traditional and contemporary. The artist's creative vision, combined with the technical expertise of digital tools, results in a piece that is not only beautiful but also functional. The map provides a fun and imaginative view of Vienna, making it a delightful and catchy piece of art for guests to enjoy. The art map adds a perfect complement to the traditional elegance of our hotel, creating a space that is both inviting and memorable.

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